How to Build an Effective Management System

While you have your own business, you should understand well about anything related to your business well including about the management system you have applied. You should know if you have applied the wrong management system, it will make your business can run out of business and you won’t this thing happens to your business, right?

To ensure your business will not going bankrupt, you should ensure that you have used the effective management system for running your business well. Before we are discussing about how to build an effective management system, it will be better if we have discussed about the condition of your business first.

The condition here means does your employee know about the main goals in each department? Do they know the scale of goals they should achieve? If they have no idea about what kind of goals they should reach, you should tell to them about what kind of goals they should get in a day, week, month, and year. You should make the stated and unstated goals to ensure they can reach it.

If they have known and understood well about what they should do in doing their job, you can go to apply the effective management system which can help your business well. There are some steps you should pass to ensure they run it as what you have asked to them:


Here is the first and basic step in doing the management system. You should decide about the management goals. It is about the company goals. What kind of company goals you want to reach and let the department goals following the company goals as well.



After you have decided about the company goals, you can start to make the planning on how you can reach it. You should make a plan for each department in what they should do in a day, week and month. You should make a plan by assessing whether they can reach it or not. In this part, you should ensure they have clear and right plan, organization chart, reviews structure, status reports, process map, document control and format, training, implementation, and much more plans they should give you in as detail as possible.


Then, after you have made a plan, you should develop your department plan into small pieces to ensure all members have their own responsible job. You should give each of the employees the job as their own job desk.

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After you have given your employees their own job desk, you should ensure they work as what you have planned before. You should let them to do what they should do based on the job they get from you. You can ask them to report their progress in every week to ensure they have worked as what you have planned well.


The last one is rediscovery. In this phase, you should review all what you have done in a year and is it the company’s goal reach well or not? It is called as evaluation of what you have done in a year.



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